Dublinesque is the vehicle for the music of Michael Weiss. Originally from Oakland, California, for almost 20 years Michael has been living and writing music in the Midlands of Ireland.

While working in Dublin, Michael has been collaborating with Larry Hogan at Dublin Studio Hub. Since 2013 Larry has been an integral part of helping Michael shape the music of Dublinesque, helping to record and develop this music.

Dazzey Oglesvey contributed his talent on drums and percussion for Michael's first and second Dublinesque albums.

'Moonlight Duet', the first Dublinesque album of original music, was recorded at Jealoustown Studio in the Autumn of 2020.

During the Summer of 2021 Michael began recording his second album of original music. Release dates for both Dublinesque albums to be announced.

Photo of the recording studio, with Michael Weiss in the centre wearing
  headphones, flanked on the left by Sean Weiss staring intensly at a sheet of music, and on the right by Larry Hogan and
  Dazzey Oglesvey jamming along.